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100 Deeply Satisfying Things

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By Private Pinko

Having a great day where everything falls into place can be deeply satisfying & it made us think of other things that are Deeply Satisfying. Sure, there were many other ideas vying for this week’s spot, but this list got the greenlight because we were in a great mood & you learn to go along with inspiration before it decides to amscray. Yep, like it says in the Bible: you gotta tap that ass while you can. What? It’s not in there? Well, it should be. Right there in the Book of Hand Job.

Enjoy this week’s installment… it’s SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!!

And let us know what you thought. Right down there, in the comment box. Because we’re whores for feedback. That’s right. Five dolla. We so horny. Love you long time!


  1. Making people laugh with an inspired joke
  2. Finding money you didn’t know you had
  3. Seeing an old couple still in love
  4. A practical joke well executed
  5. Pretending you’re a ninja
  6. Sharing a big plate of very awesome nachos (with chili, of course)
  7. Finding an old favourite movie on dvd at a really great bargain
  8. Putting chips in your deli sandwich (Doritos or ruffled chips is very recommended)
  9. Realizing that you’ve aged better than most of the people in your school
  10. Scoring tickets to see your favourite band
  11. Eating cookies as if you were Cookie Monster
  12. When a girl passes you by & then looks back with a smile
  13. When you get extra portions at a restaurant
  14. Watching a great comedy with a group of friends & laughing together
  15. Enjoying a really good cold glass of beer on a summer’s day
  16. Getting up before your partner but unable to resist returning to bed just to cuddle
  17. Soda refills without having to ask
  18. Digging into a basket of really good chicken wings (cannot be neon orange sauce with clammy translucent chicken skin)
  19. Impressing people with your knowledge
  20. The beautiful counter girl smiles at you & it’s not a fake smile, it’s a genuine one where you hear a choir of angels in your head sing “hallelujah”
  21. When everyone has to go to work but you don’t, because you’re off
  22. Play wrestling with your partner
  23. Distracting your partner with some naughtiness while she or he is on the phone
  24. Traveling with your partner & both of you are suddenly struck with the urge to find a suitably private & safe spot in the bush for a quickie
  25. Being Canadian
  26. When kids mistake you for a jungle gym
  27. Finding out that the item you wanted at a store is on sale 50%
  28. Doing everything just right for you & your partner’s anniversary
  29. You arrive at your bus stop as it’s coming down the street & you don’t have to race for it
  30. A dog putting his head on your lap & giving you the happy love eyes
  31. Playing the guitar & nailing a difficult riff
  32. When someone you’re into totally loses track of time talking to you & it ends up being dawn. And they liked it.
  33. Having a fuzzy bum
  34. Catching something swiftly when it falls & someone says “wow, great reflexes” & you secretly feel like a superhero for a little while
  35. Sharing an umbrella with a pretty girl
  36. Waking up too early before your alarm goes off & realizing with joy that you still have a few hours left
  37. Spoon feeding one another Ben & Jerries after sex (Fish Food is best)
  38. Passing out together after really great sex, limbs entwined
  39. Being in the middle of a great book that you can’t put down
  40. The relief you have after you ride on a roller coaster
  41. Making couch forts (you’re never too old for couch forts!)
  42. Legos
  43. French toast made by a genuine frenchman
  44. When stupid people admit they’re wrong
  45. Chocolate Chips cookies with a cold glass of milk
  46. Strutting around the house naked
  47. Enjoying what you do for a living
  48. Long weekends
  49. Dueling air guitars
  50. Inside jokes
  51. Knowing that people in magazines can only look that good with hours of makeup, lighting, a wardrobe department, much photography expertise, and very thorough photoshopping
  52. Being told that your partner is hot
  53. Giving… or receiving… a full body massage
  54. Good coffee
  55. Getting a raise without asking for it
  56. Seeing a gay couple holding hands in public
  57. Being comfortable around someone
  58. Talking up a girl at a party & she suggests a walk outside
  59. Being just happy to be alive
  60. Having a partner that shares your sense of humour
  61. Sharing a bucket of popcorn with your partner at a movie theatre
  62. Fresh clean sheets on the bed
  63. Getting an unexpected compliment
  64. Opening a fresh pizza in its box & realizing that they didn’t skimp on toppings or cheese. Oh yeah!
  65. When you’re told you smell good
  66. Seeing an ex marry someone less attractive (Shallow, yes, but so very satisfying)
  67. Correcting a fundie Christian on their own dogma
  68. Opening the door for a girl who’s boyfriend passed on the opportunity to do it and she thanks you with a smile, then turns to her boyfriend & says “now there’s a gentleman – why can’t you be like that guy?” And the daggers the guy shoots you afterwards. Awesome.
  69. Popping bubble wrap with someone  (that’s the sound of happy people)
  70. Having a partner who enjoys a pass by ass grope
  71. Getting 212 points in one turn at Scrabble that even your Mensa level cousin has yet to beat
  72. Puppies
  73. Awesome cleavage
  74. Bonfires & beers with friends
  75. Finding out your partner is as much a pervert as you are
  76. High fives for something you did
  77. Someone offering you a cold beer unexpectedly
  78. Pretending your flashlight is a lightsaber
  79. Letting warm ocean waves crash against you
  80. Sharing your fries with your partner
  81. Making new friends
  82. Lounging with your partner & giving each other foot rubs
  83. Realizing you have more money in the bank than you thought
  84. Pillow fights
  85. Giving a kid a Piggie back ride
  86. Finding out something that breaks is still under warranty
  87. When someone’s kid gives you a perfect twinkly open mouthed smile & waves at you
  88. Cookies & cream ice cream in a waffle cone
  89. Finding out someone has a crush on you
  90. Wearing sandals instead of shoes in the office
  91. Letting yourself go feral for a few days
  92. Having a good magazine while going to the washroom
  93. Handmade Milkshakes
  94. Kissing
  95. Sampling a nacho while it’s still in the oven
  96. A perfect Indian summer day
  97. Opening up a new cd booklet & there’s actually lyrics
  98. The feeling you have once you’ve taken a shower, dried off & slipped on a big comfy housecoat
  99. Standing ovations
  100. People leaving great feedback

All text (c) Copyright 2009 Private Pinko/G. Brogan


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I really like this blog entry. I would have to agree with the majority of them, and perhaps that’s why I enjoyed our time together so much 🙂

Comment by Kristy


Comment by Holly

That was awesome, and very poignant for me.

Comment by Bryon Popplewell

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