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Welcome to the Gay Commie Canuck Agenda
August 11, 2009, 2:47 am
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Greetings, comrades. Please enjoy our state sponsored propaganda.  Remember to visit often for the latest in gay commie Canadian indoctrination.

Just pick a page to your left… you lefty gay commie bastards!

Long live the People’s Socialist Republic of Canuckistan!

– Pvt. Pinko

 pvt pinko

Private Pinko is a stinkin’ lowdown communist sympathisin’  member of an elite & effete comedy unit in Her Majesty’s Flamingly Queer Peace & Love Army of the People’s Socialist Republic of Canuckistan (Pansy Commie Humour Division). He specializes in Satire, Parody, Gay Commie Infiltration & Sarcasm. He always wears his uniform: a beret, a tutu, and a single rose to put into the enemy’s bayonetted rifle of manly capitalist Jesus-lovin’ hatred.

When not feeding at the bulging breast of homo intransigence & spooning with Ultimate Evil, he walks among you as a civilian named  “Gordon Brogan”, a graphic designer & humourist.

This site was created to showcase some of his writings & to poke fun at American misinformation about Canadians.

Please enjoy…and remember to leave great feedback!

Long live the People’s Socialist Republic of Canuckistan!