Pvt. Pinko's Parade Of Parody



Feast on this comprehensive list of the greatest religious-themed diet books!




More of Jesus, Less of You

The Tao Of Chow

Shintofu – An Introduction To Japanese Veganism

The Taste Buddha – A Tripitaka Of Flavour

Allah Carte – The Muslim’s Guide To Fine Dining

Fudge Not, Less Ye Be Fudged

Your Last Fat Supper

The Lord Is My Shepherd’s Pie

A Waist Is A Terrible Thing To Mind
(Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying About My Weight & Love Jesus)

The Diet Revelations – The 7 Signs Of A Healthy Diet

He Has Raisin From The Grave! – A Christian Guide To All Things Grape

Sodium & Gommorah – The Perils Of Salt

Hell Is A Creampie, Heaven Is A Ricecake

Big Girls Don’t Go To Heaven – The Guilt Ridden Guide To Fitness

How To Diet & Rise Again

Losing It For Jesus

Spamadan! The SPAM Lover’s Guide To Ramadan

The Mesquite Mystique Of The Masticating Mosque – A Muslim’s Guide To BBQ

The Pork Lover’s Code of Ham-murabi

Flat Earth, Round Belly – The Vatican Guide To Losing Weight

The Red Hot Chili Pauper – Spicy Recipes From A Frugal Jesus

God’s Guide To Good Grub

The Antichrist Cookbook

The Wicked Wiccan’s Wok Wiki

The Passion For Fitness Of The Christ

Deliver Us From Pizza! A Handbook On The Evils Of Junk Food

Nom Nom Denomination: A Guide To Food & Fellowship

Nosh Hashanah – The Jewish Cookbook

Eat From The Maker, Not The Baker – Dropping Carbs For Fruit

Repent Your Fridge!

Lose The Pounds, Not Your Soul!

Meat God In Heaven – The Carnivorous Bible

Everything In Moderation (Except Jesus)

Your Belly As Judas – 10 Ways To Overcome Your Traitorous Appetite

Fats Are The Bait Of Satan!

God’s Whey – A Guide To Cheese Byproducts

King Of Kings, Diet Of Diets

God Works Out In Mysterious Ways

Muscle Your Way Into Heaven

Islamb: The Muslim Way To Cook Lamb

Wok A Miracle With Jesus!

Cooking With Psalm Oil!

Getting Fit For Heaven – The Soul & Body Workout

The Lobster Bible – A Holy Book of Seafood

Eat Right Or Go To Hell! The Evangelical Cookbook

Burn Calories (Like Hell Burns Unrepentant Sinners)

The Dead Sea Diet – The High Salt Solution

The Skinny On Jesus

Losing That Pound Of Flesh: The Sinners Guide To Dieting

Exlaxodus – Moving The People Towards The Promised Land

Jonah & The Whale Blubber – How Jonah Lost 150lbs!

The Tasty Testamint – A Guide To Mint

The Decadent Bible Of Chocolate

The Kosher Kabbalah Kookbook

Making Wrongs Rice

Pestle Of The Apostle – A Guide To Herbs & Spices

Quick!!! Getting Fast Results With Fasting!

The Exorcistern – The Water-Free Diet

Noah’s Flood Of Flavours – A Primer On Low-Salt Marinades

In The Vegetable Garden Of Eden – A Vegan How-To

Jew Your Food Before Swallowing! – A Kosher Guide To Food

Mueslix Is For Muslims! – A Christian’s Guide On Avoiding Fatty Cereals

Dead Sea Rolls & Other Low Fat Judean Bakery Favourites

Jeru-salami! – A Handbook On Low Salt Jewish Meats

Home(He)brew! – How To Make Kosher Beer… At Home

The Orthodox Detox – Achieving Sobriety With Piety

The Bhagavad Pita – The Hindu Guide To Eating & Yoga

The Yoghurtpanishad – Hindu Dairy Foods & You

Gnoshing For Gnostics! – The Skeptic’s Cookbook

Benchpressing With The Good Book

Let The Holy Spirit Be Your Fitness Coach

Your Body Is A Temple, Not A Drive Thru

The Father, The Son & The Whole Wheat Toast – The Definitive Guide To Healthier Breads

Better Chocolate Than Never – The Born Again’s Guide To Moderating Desserts

The Taming Of The Cashew – Healthy Cooking With Nuts

Thin(k) Jesus! The Definitive Slimming Guide For Christians

Kiss The Messiah! Favourite Low Fat Grill Recipes From Christ Our Lord & Saviour

A Doughnut Has Evil Filling – Christian Morality In Pastries

Stews For Jews

The Sikh Guide To A Healthy Life

Staying Slim, Slaying Muslims

Mary MagdaLEAN! A Collection Of Low Fat Recipes From Jesus’ BFF

How To Get The Body Of Christ In 30 Days (Both Metaphorically & Physically)

Wherefore Our Heavenly Bodies? How To Go From Jupiter To Venus In A Month – A Christian’s Guide To Slimming Down!

All text (c) Copyright 2009 Private Pinko/G. Brogan


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